Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%201One reason for the mobile phone's popularity worldwide has been the addition of games onto the phone.  When someone has a few free moments they can always pull out the phone and whittle the time away playing Tetris, Angry Birds, etc..  In social media like Facebook we’ve seen the amazing popularity of Farmville and Mafia Wars.  The combination of mobile, social media and gaming is now being "monetized" by companies like Foursquare so that you game and socialize your way into parting with your hard earned money at stores they contract with. This gaming trend isn’t all bad, though. Some people, like Seth Priebatsch, believe that the combination of social media and games can be a powerful force for good (seen in this TED video presentation).

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Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%205I’ve recently discovered that journalism is facing a crisis in “readership” which threatens its very existence. In response to this threat journalists are searching for ways to regain relevance in the changing technological landscape of the 21st century. Journalism 2.0 is one way the industry is hoping it can regain its relevance. Journalism 2.0 seeks to take the new interactive digital world of blogs, Twitter updates, mobile phone videos, etc. and leverage them for the industry’s benefit rather than bemoan and fight the fact that they have, until now, reduced news media’s influence. The Church, too, is facing the issue of how it can retain a voice “on the street” in this new age of digital connectivity. What do journalism and Christian ministry hold in common? Both have news to share and a story to tell. Both want to get that story heard.
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Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%203When I started out in mobile ministry not so long ago mobile ministry meant mobile phone empowered ministry. With the advent of the Kindle, iPad and other tablet computers the definition of mobile ministry has seemed to expand to include such devices. My premise has remained, though, that if it doesn’t fit in your pocket it’s not really mobile. Why do I say that? If a device doesn’t fit in your pocket it is a huge order of magnitude less likely to be with you or the person you’re interacting with when you stumble into an unplanned ministry opportunity. The mobile phone is eminently pocketable while iPads, Kindles, and tablet computers are not. Beyond its pocketability, the function of the mobile phone, being your connection to the world, means that it is a device that you almost always want to have in your pocket. This combination of a mobile phone’s pocketability and utility mean that most every time you step out of your house for more than a few minutes the mobile phone will be with you.

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Jesus%20on%20cell%20phoneI’m happy to announce the publication of The Little Phone that Could: Mobile-Empowered Ministry in the International Journal of Frontier Missiology. This is an article I co-wrote with Laith Gray, a translator and “new media” expert who has been active in equipping the Church to take the gospel to the least reached. This article covers:
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