Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%205I'm thinking that some of you may have come out of Christmas with a new smart phone and you may not be entirely sure what first steps to take with that shiny new device.  Fortunately, a number of good resources are out there to help people just like you so I've compiled the best I could find here.

Any New Smart Phone

Most start-up guides aren't going to tell you how to get the Bible on your phone so use this helpful resource from Mobile Ministry Magazine to help you locate and install the most valuable App possible, the Bible!

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The Mobile Ministry Forum

Dec. 2-4, 2010

Ringgold, VA


Executive Summary


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Mobile%20Pic %20Africa%203The first quote comes from a Tech Crunch piece called It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Apps World:

I look beyond the rich world and I see five and a half billion people only a few years away from their first smartphone, which in most cases will also be their first computer, and their first Internet device. Those three revolutions will hit the developing world all at once—and the repercussions will be epic.

Epic is probably a serious understatement!

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Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%201My pick of the top mobile articles I've come across on the web in the last week

1)  Everything you ever wanted to know about mobile for free!!! Tomi Ahonen, of Communities Dominate Brands, is offering a free e-Book called The Insider’s Guide to Mobile.  Here’s the description provided: 

Comprehensive overview of the mobile telecoms and smartphones business opportunity, from end-users to service and apps, to handsets, to the business of mobile This free edition has 340 pages of original content, plus over 100 pages of excerpts and reviews of Mr Ahonen's previous books

You can download it here (8.9 MB PDF).


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