Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%208I came across these two videos today and was struck, once more, with the awesome, almost completely untapped, potential of the mobile phone.  I hope they excite you too!  Take a minute or two and use some of that creative side of you that we have from our Creator God and imagine how these projects, or the capabilities that underly them, could be put to use for His glory!

Microsoft Education Award Laureate 2010 : BBC World Service Trust (2.5 minutes)

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Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%208Guest post by Brian James (@KingdomGuy1 on Twitter)

When was the last time you picked up a book, newspaper, or other printed document? Have you ever imagined how your life has been impacted by the printed word? Undoubtedly, the world was forever changed when Johannes Gutenberg pioneered the printing press in the mid-1400s. It paved the way for the Reformation, the printing revolution, and even widespread learning for the masses. None would argue its impact.

But have you ever thought about mobile phones?

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Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%204My pick of the top mobile articles I've come across on the web in the last week

1)  Last week I introduced Erik Hersman, a missionary kid, as one of the top thinkers and practitioners in the use of mobile for social good in the developing world. This week I want to introduce Matthew Berg, another missionary kid, as another top thinker in the mobiles for development sphere. Matthew Berg was actually chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 100 World’s Most Influential People. In his most recent blog posting Matthew gives us some helpful advice on what to watch, and perhaps invest our efforts in, for the coming mobile year.

A pleasant discovery for me this week while researching who the top thinkers in mobile in general are was the Mobile Thinkers Website This wonderful gem of a website has been put together to “connect you with smart professionals that are putting the mobile medium to work in creative and effective ways.” Judging by her interviews to-date the blog’s author is doing a smashup job. Here’s a few of the posts I thought you might be blessed by:

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Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%201My pick of the top mobile articles I've come across on the web in the last week

1)  I like to start with the best first and Mobile Ministry Magazine's Mobile Ministry Case Studies/Research fills that category.  Lots of great papers and it could easily be a page to recommend to people for an introduction to the whole concept of mobile ministry and how to get started in it.

2)  Ever wondered who was doing what with the whole mobile ministry thing?  So did we.  While this list is surely not comprehensive and some of the ministries may not have a great deal going with mobile we still hope that you will find the Mobile Ministry Contact List a help and that the Lord will use it in creating collaboration and synergy for His Glory and the spread of His Kingdom

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