Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%206My pick of the top ten mobile ministry related items on the web that I've come accross in the past week.

1)  Global Mobile Stats- possibly the best, and most up-to-date, listing I’ve found on the web giving the pertinent stats you need to know to understand the current state of mobile in the world

2)  Apple Joins Top Five Mobile Phone Vendors as Worldwide Market Grows Nearly 15% in Third Quarter. Don’t miss the comparison between the number one, Nokia- 110 million phones sold, and Apple- 14.5 million phones sold. That’s a long way between number five and number one!


Knowing the current state of mobile in the world, you may realize that it is high time you and/or your ministry had a mobile strategy. These documents may help you in devising and carrying out an appropriate mobile strategy

3)  Ten Questions to Help You Craft a Mobile Strategy (Before It’s Too Late)

4)  Seven Shortcomings that Can Wreck Your Mobile Strategy

One third of all new phones sold this year will be Nokias and the percentage is much higher in the developing world. These articles may help you get your head around Symbian, the operating system that powers Nokia phones, as well as the capabilities and limitations of Nokia phones in browsing the internet

5)  The Future of the Symbian Platform

6)  A Practical Guide to Nokia Browsers

Knowing that more people will be browsing the internet on their mobile phones than on PCs by 2015 at the latest and knowing the limitations of mobile phone web browsers you might want to check out these articles about designing for the mobile web experience

7)  All About the Design- top tips for designing mobile sites and apps from the professionals

8)  Ten Things Web Designers Need to Do Before Going Mobile

9)  Design Approaches for Adapting Mobile Content for Mobile Learning

10) Seeing how others have implemented mobile outreaches is always helpful so here’s an analysis of an mLearning program 
      that was run in South Africa


Foreign Affairs magazine published an article by Eric Schmidt (CEO, Google) and Jared Cohen entitled The Digital Disruption which gives some insight to the importance of the humble mobile phone even in world affairs.

Check out this innovative startup that is producing an app that will provide a way for NGOs and others to connect with workers and “fundees” serving in remote locations and allowing for mobile reporting from the field.

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