Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%209My pick of the top ten mobile ministry related items on the web that I've come accross in the past week.

Two views of how the mobile phone is intersecting with and transforming the lives of the unreached
1)  An article in the Loose Wire blog about mobile use in Afghanistan
2)  A video showing how one Indian's life was transformed when he got a mobile phone


3)  An analysis of what kind of mobile phones and features people want and can afford in the developing countries

4)  A practical guide to designing for and ensuring your outreach materials work on different mobile screens

Two "how-to" reports produced by the Finnish aid group Plan (website in Finnish, reports in English) which deal with the use of mobiles and internet and communications technologies for development (particularly in Africa).  Lots of cross-over application to developing and distributing appropriate mobile ministry materials
5)  Mobiles for Development
6)  ICT Enabled Development

7)  A report showing that mobile optimized websites have grown in number by 2000% since 2008!  A good reminder that by 2015, at the latest, the majority of web access will be via the mobile phone.

8)  Speaking of the near future, Ozzie Ray who was, until recently, Microsoft's chief software engineer, laid out a vision of what could be in the next five years.  Worth a read to help you in thinking more strategically and planning so that your ministry will have gained, rather than lost, relevance five years from now.

9)  Seth Godin, an author, entrepreneur, marketer, and sometimes web superstar, writes a blog I follow for its short pithy insights on best practices for work in the realities of the 21st century.  In one of his latest posting he shared reasons that ideas get spread- its worth taking a look at as we have some ideas we'd like to see spread!

10) CNN has created a special series they are calling Our Mobile Lives with a number of insightful articles ranging on anything from mobile usage statistics to how your mobile phone can be used to help you disappear to the American culture's growing addiction to smartphones/SMS/etc.

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