Mobile%20Pic %20CAsia%203Here's my top ten mobile ministry related web picks for the last week:

1)  The World in 2010:  ICT Facts and Figures
Reveals, among other things, that:

a.  Worldwide mobile subscriptions will pass 5.3 billion (up from earlier estimates of 5 billion) by the end of the year with 3.8 billion of those subscriptions (73%) being in the developing world.
b.  Mobile penetration in the developing world will reach 68% of the total population by the end of 2010
c.  Only 21% of the population in developing countries are on the internet
d.  The total number of SMS text messages sent globally more than tripled between 2007 and 2010, from an estimated 1.8 trillion to a staggering 6.1 trillion (meaning that about 200,000 text messages are sent every second)!

2.  Information Economy 2010 Report
U.N. report which "surveys the surprising and effective ways the poor are using modern information and
communication devices -- particularly cell phones -- to raise their incomes and living standards."

3.  CNN- Most Americans Still Don't Have Smartphones
Based on new research from the Forrester Group which shows that, while 82% of Americans have cell phones (Pew
says 85%), only 17% have smartphones.  Other findings showed that while 50% of cell phone owners could access the internet with their phones (i.e. 33% using a feature phone rather than smartphone) only 25% do. The most popular activity on phones was SMS texting (60% of users) and accessing social media was the among the least used activites (14% of users).  In my mind, all these are good reasons to reconsider a smartphone first approach to mobile ministry in the U.S., let alone the impoverished developing world.

4.· Create an Instant SMS Chatroom on Your Phone
I don't know if this would be useful overseas but might help spur the imagination if not

5.  50% of Second-Hand Mobile Phones Contain Personal Data
Security is a real issue with mobile ministry and this article revelals some of the potential for revealing more
information than you wanted to via your mobile phone

I discovered the UpsideLearning Blog, the website of an Indian eLearning professional, earlier this week and found some great content at it including:

6.  Creating Successful mLearning Strategy- Part I, Part II, Part III
Notes on a day long workshop on the design and implementation of successful mLearning strategy which was
given at the mLearnCon conference

7.  Mobile Learning- SMS Can Get You Started
Analysis why SMS is the short-term future for mLearning and listing of potential opportunities for the use of SMS in

8.· Rapid Authoring Tools for Creating mLearning
Tools for developing mobile learning materials that the less techy among us might actually be able to use

9.  Tools for Mobile Learning Development
A nice listing of tools that can help in developing mobile learning games, web apps, native apps, etc.

10.  Top 100 Learning Game Resources
If you agree that people can learn through games then this list is a great place to start learning how to create learning

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