I was privileged to be asked to share on mobile ministry at the recent EMDC conference in Thailand and wanted to share that here as I feel like it was a message not just for that group but for the wider missions world as well.

I am blessed to serve on the Mobile Ministry Forum steering team and our vision (see below) is one that I believe echoes the heart of God, needs to be considered by the Church collectively, and is worth working strategically and collaboratively towards. I hope you find the time to be challenged and encouraged by what was shared:

EMDC Mobile Ministry Plenary from Keith Williams on Vimeo.

Apologies for the less than ideal audio quality. The audio recording was done at a table approximately 30 feet from where I was presenting and there is also a fair bit of audience noise for the first 3-4 minutes. I had to cut approximately 11 minutes out from the presentation due to security concerns. You can view and download the slides here.

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