Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%2021.  Tell us something about yourself!

Allen Derksen. Founder / Director of Telemensahe, a mobile phone media ministry. Presently in audio, moving toward video.

2.  How and why did you become involved with mobile ministry? 

I was invited into (the Mobile Ministry Forum) by Keith Williams.

3.  What excites you about mobile ministry?

A- The number of people that can be reached, B- The ubuquity and accessibility of this media tool, and C- The new capabilities it offers in terms of broadband, video, and streaming.

4.  What aspects of your background/training, books, websites, tools, etc. have been most helpful to you as you’ve moved forward in mobile ministry?

The ability to focus on follow up and church planting outcomes. I'm not expert on any technical level, but understand how mobile ministry can become evangelistic and church planting ministry.

5.  What are some of the biggest obstacles to implementing effective mobile ministry?  For you/your ministry?  For the Christian world in general?

Technical and production help. I need the assistance of those who can set the visual side of this ministry up.

  What is one recommendation you could make that would help an individual or ministry be better able to move forward in mobile ministry?

Let's create a repository of short video clips and films that are accessible to partner agencies or people involved in this ministry.

7.  What is one hard earned lesson in ministry you would want to pass on to others here?

The biggest challenge is finding ministry partners who follow through. Be careful who you partner with in this ministry.

  What part of mobile ministry does the Church need to bring more effort and focus to?

Evangelism - good evangelistic short films.

  What aspect of mobile is overrated in your mind?  Why?

Not sure on this one. I think we might be over-weighted towards the delivery of educational programs. We need to reach the lost as much as feed the sheep.

10.  Is there anyone else you’d like to see interviewed regarding mobile ministry?

Patrick Tayah. (See the Visual Story Network). 

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