Multiple-Language Audio Bible Sources


Apps: (Android, iOS, Kindle Fire)

YouVersion (Android, Java, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry, Kindle Fire

Olive Tree (Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

Downloadable Bibles & Bible Portions:
(listed in order of greatest number of translations available to least)

Global Recordings (audio resources in over 6000 languages/dialects, can also be accessed via the 5Fish mobile website) (listings of audio, text and video scripture resources from multiple sources for over 4000 languages, by MissionAssist)

Scripture Earth (listing of audio, text and video scripture resources from multiple sources for hundreds of languages, by Wycliffe Canada) (Bible audio in 750 languages, sign up required, by Faith Comes by Hearing)

WordProject (38 languages)

International Christian Resources (approximately 30 languages)

Audio Bibles and New Testaments (26 languages)

RADIO882 (by TWR, Books of Bible, and Bible storying for 25 languages of the Indian sub-continent)    

Audio Bibles for the Blind (22 languages, sign-up required)

Institute for Bible Translation, Russia/CIS (17 languages from Russia and Central Asia)

Audio Bibles (New Testament in 15 languages)

Audio Treasure (11 languages)

Bibles & Bible Portions Available via Online Streaming:

Bible Gateway (9 languages)

Audio Bibles & Bible Portions Available for Purchase:

Audio Scriptures(41 languages, pay for CDs)

World Language (31 languages, pay for cassettes)

Individual Language Audio Bible Sources

Arabic Bible  

Bulgarian New Testament              

Farsi  Gospel of John

French Bible

German Bible

Hungarian New Testament

Italian Audio Bible


Spanish New Testament


Vietnamese - ASF